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One of the founders of hyperrealist movement in USSR. Organizer and participant of the early hyperrealist artists' exhibitions.

1952 Born in Kiev (Ukraine)

1970 Graduated from the Shevchenko Republican Art High School in Kiev
1977 Graduated from Kiev State Art School (now Kiev Academy of Arts)
1977 Became a member of the Artists Union

1980 Internship at the St Petersburg Academy of Art

Since 1979 took part in more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Lives in Moscow.

Seleced Solo Exhibitions

1990 Alfa Cubic Gallery. Tokyo. Japan

1991 Travel Notes. Central House of the Artists. Moscow. Russia (exhibition catalogue)

1991 Cour de Loge. Lyon. France

1993 Plus & Minus. Art Centre. Russelsheim. Germany
1995 Match Ball. L Gallery. Moscow. Russia

1999 Good Deeds. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow. Russia
2004 Solid & Liquid. Art Strelka Gallery. Moscow. Russia

2008 Illuminated by the sun. Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery. Moscow. Russia

2012 Rosé. Gallery 11.12. Moscow. Russia

2012 Arcadia. Khlam Gallery. Voronezh. Russia

2014 Inmost Man. Khlam Gallery. Voronezh. Russia

2015 To my kind F. Khlam Gallery. Voronezh. Russia

2016 Refinement. ARTSTORY Gallery. Moscow. Russia

Selected Museums and Collections

State Tretyakov Art Gallery. Moscow. Russia
State Russian Museum. St Petersburg. Russia.
State Art Museum. Ekaterinburg. Russia
State Ukrainian Art Museum. Kiev. Ukraine

Khmelnitskiy State Art Museum. Ukraine
Sevastopol State Art Gallery. Crimea. Ukraine
Ludwig Museum. Cologne. Germany

Henry Nannen Museum. Germany

Norton & Nancy Dodge Collection. USA
Walter Bishoff Gallery. Stuttgart. Germany
Alpha Cubic Gallery. Tokyo

International Images ltd. USA

Zig-Zag Corporation. New York. USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

1981 The Country's Youth. Central Exhibition Hall. Tashkent. USSR (exhibition catalogue)

1984 Eight Young Artist of Ukraine. Central House of Artists. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)


 - The International Competition A Portrait of a Contemporary. (Golden Medal). State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)

- The International Festival of Young People and Students. StateTretyakov Gallery. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)

- Kunst im Frieden fur den Frieden. Biennale des Ostseelander. Rostock. DDR (exhibition catalogue)

- The Country's Youth. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)


- Eight Contemporary Artists. Central Exhibition Hall. Yalta. Crimea.

- Artexpo. New York. USA

- Soviet Contemporary Art. Paris. France

1987 Young Artist of the USSR. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)


- Soviet-German Art Show Artist's View on Peace and War. Kunsthalle. Hamburg / Gallery - State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)

- Soviet Contemporary Art. Budapest. Hungary

1989 Artist for the Environment. Centre of International Trade. Moscow. USSR


- Soviet Contemporary Art. Alpha Cubic Gallery. Tokyo. Japan (exhibition catalogue)

- Art Contemporain de Moscou. La Cour des Loges. Lyon. France

- Moscow Alpes. Six Moscow & Six Lugano Artists. Mars Art Gallery. Moscow. USSR (exhibition catalogue)


- Moscow- Ticino. Six Moscow & Six Lugano Artists. Lugano. Switzerland (exhibition catalogue)

- Transitional Period Ceremonial Portrait. A3 Gallery. Moscow. Russia

- Transitional Period Landscape. Velta Art Gallery. Moscow. Russia (exhibition catalogue)

1992 Six Russian Artists. Walter Bischoff Gallery. Stuttgart. Germany

1993 Surface of Sense - Laying Covers. Central House of Artists. Moscow. Russia (exhibition catalogue)

1994 Russian Artists. Graveley Gallery. Washington DC. USA

1995 Art Manezh 1. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Manezh Gallery. Moscow. Russia
1996 Art Manezh II. Manezh Central Exhibition HalL Walter Bischoff Gallery. Moscow. Russia

1997 Contemporary Russian Landscape. Aidan Gallery; Russian Cultural Centre. Geneva. Switzerland (exhibition catalogue)
1998-2005 Art Manezh annual exhibition. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow. Russia

2006 Sotheby's one painting exhibition After the Match. 1977. Oil on canvas. 188 x 244.

2008 Jane Edwards (Royal Academy of Arts) presents Alla Bulyanskaya Galery. Arts Club. London.

2015 HYPERREALISM. When Reality Becomes an Illusion. State Tretyakov Art Gallery. Moscow. Russia (exhibition catalogue)

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